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Finding Your Voice Cover

Finding Your Voice: A Woman's Guide to Using Self Talk for Fulfilling Relationships, Work and Life

Dorothy W. Cantor, Psy.D., Carol D. Goodheart, Ed.D., Sandra Haber, Ph.D., Ellen McGrath, Ph.D. , Alice Rubenstein, Ed.D. , Lenore Walker, Ed.D. and Karen Zager, Ph.D.

In this remarkable new book, a team of highly credentialed psychologists shows women how to overcome unproductive, blameful thoughts and unrealistic expectations—the things they tell themselves about how their marriages, friendships, children, and careers should be.

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Saying Goodbye Cover

Saying Good-Bye to Managed Care: Building Your Independent Psychotherapy Practice

Sandra Haber, Ph.D., Elaine Rodino, Ph.D. and Iris Lipner, C.S.W.

This book provides illustrations of professional marketing products and sample press releases provide the reader with user ready materials to jumpstart their private pay practice. You will learn to develop and grow your practice, develop new skills, market your services and build upon your strengths. The authors share useful guidelines and insight into effectively networking and developing referrals, marketing your practice online, getting published in professional and general audience publications, appearing on radio or television, starting your own newsletter and more.

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Men, Women and Prostate Cancer Cover

Men, Women and Prostate Cancer

A Medical and Psychological Guide for Women and the Men They Love

by Barbara Rubin Wainrib, Ed.D., Jack Maguire, and Sandra Haber, Ph.D.

This book offers detailed, life-saving information about prostate cancer and takes readers step-by-step from cause, detection, and diagnosis through treatment, recovery, and post-treatment life. Striking a healthy balance between technical knowledge and practical how-to suggestions, the authors tackle both the physical and psychological aspects of life with prostate cancer. In clear, easy-to-understand language, they demystify treatment options, procedures, and side effects and offer helpful advice on dealing with sex and emotional issues before, during, and after diagnosis from a partnership perspective. The guide also includes alternative medicine approaches and a comprehensive list of support groups and other resources.

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Breast Cancer Cover

Breast Cancer

A Psychological Treatment Manual

Sandra Haber, Ph.D., Editor

This volume is designed to educate and involve therapists and counselors in the psychological treatment of patients and their families. This manual is a collaborative venture of 10 women psychologists, who address the emotional responses of patients, families, and caretakers, as well as the psychological, social, and behavioral factors that may influence cancer morbidity and mortality. It is intended for psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals, including nurse therapists.

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