Media Interviews with Dr. Haber

Diana: Queen of Hearts

Comments from "Diana: Queen of Hearts" a network broadcast hosted by Richard Attenborough on the First Anniversary of Princess Diana's tragic death.

Fox News: On Mental Health

Part one of an interview from Fox News broadcast on the current state of Mental Health issues in the media.

Fox News: Eating Disorders

On Fox News discussing Eating Disorders.

Sally Jesse Raphael

On Sally Jesse Raphael, concerning the topic of dealing with patients who have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

New York Times: Well Blog

Dr. Haber is featured in this article by Jane Brody titled: Lifesaving Procedure With an Image Problem. The article is on the issue of donating bone marrow, and Dr. Haber's personal experience with this issue. Read the article here.

Blog Talk Radio Interview: Dr. Haber's Bone Marrow transplant

Bone Marrow or Stem Cell Transplants are mysterious and frightening to most people. This radio interview discusses the experience of Dr. Haber as the stem cell recipient and her sister, the stem cell donor.